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Extend Your Insights By Following Gaze 

Advanced Gaze Analysis Solution

Extend Your Insights By Following Gaze

VisualCamp’s advanced gaze analysis solution allows users to easily incorporate a test environment that captures data that directly reflects user insights. Our technology is well situated to be brought into a broad range of fields with complex research needs.

The advanced capabilities of our eye gaze software differs from the eye tracking analysis tools that have come before it. Our gaze detection technology is designed to work across platforms and work in with a web-based platform that allows users to control and derive insight from multiple devices simultaneously and in real-time.

Supported Data Analysis Method

Gaze Replay

Restoring users gaze data, it provides gaze movements data in video form.

Gaze Path

Using experimental data, the analysis tool calculates major areas and orders for where the gaze stayed for a certain amount of time as well as the range. Then, based on that, VisualCamp provides analysis data in a path form.

Using experimental data, the tool calculates the major areas where the gaze stayed and based on that, Heat map data is provided.

AOI Analysis

AOI analysis is an analysis that is useful for determining over-all characteristics of AOI(Area Of Interest) for certain images and videos. Comparative analysis of respective AOI's characteristics within the same experiment group is possible. Thus, comparative analysis for the respective AOIs possessed by each different experiment group is also possible.



As for consumer research, our analysis tool analyses customer gaze through 3D VR content, 2D and 360 degree images and video. From that, more effective advertisement strategies are possible and it is easy to understand the customer's interests and buying intentions. Changing the display of goods in shops is also possible based on gaze tracking analysis.


Eye tracking analysis for research related to cognitive psychology or HCI(Human-Computer Interaction) is also possible.

The solution provides the level of concentration of VR users who use educational contents through VR HMDs and smartpads. Educators can get the gaze data of the students in real time as a feedback tool. 

By setting up a virtual sports game situation to test an athlete's psychological condition, and assessing their performance via eye tracking software, one can find the strengths and weaknesses of each athlete using the gaze data.


By setting up a virtual sports game situation to test an athlete's psychological condition, which will then be analyzed by eye tracking, one can find the strengths and weaknesses of each athlete using the gaze data.

What Our Eye Gaze Software Can Offer You

Highly Reliable Gaze Data

Supported by VisualCamp's eye tracking algorithm.

100FPS Gaze-tracking,

0.5 ° ~ 1.0 ° Gaze Accuracy,

1ms Processing latency

Support Devices

HTC Vive

HTC Vive Pro


Fully Support VR Contents

Supports 2D & 360° Media type(image and video) and VR Application (Unity)

Experimenter Friendly Features

Multiple device control & Realtime monitoring.

Experiments can be easily designed through our optimized UI

Control the experiment on multiple devices with just one computer

Advanced Analysis

Visualization, Statistics, AI & web based User Intention analysis

Data Security

All information related to the experiment is securely stored on a cloud server with the highest level of security algorithm available