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Remote Eye Tracker For You 

TrueGaze Remote Eye Tracker Kit

At 2019 MWCS

A Turnkey Eye Tracking Solution

The TrueGaze Remote Eye Tracker Kit for smartphones and tablets is a portable solution designed to make collecting and analysing gaze data in mobile applications fast, easy and applicable across a broad range of market applications.


Designed with a view to making it easy for users to take the unique insights of eye tracking technology to a wide range of applications, this tool supports VR Eye Tracking Technology and pairs with all kinds of mobile devices.

Look through here to see more about how our advanced gaze analysis solution can be implemented in your projects and used to drive value for your customers. Ours is the smallest remote eye tracking solution, capable of being attached to smartphones, tablets, computers, kiosks and even implemented in automotive settings. Education, healthcare, automotive and market research applications are all an easy fit for our remote eye tracking solution.


Our remote eye tracking solution provides data to educators, educational policy makers and companies developing educational content that will drive value for the educational experience.


Would you like to see gaze data of students who get good scores on tests? Would you like to see gaze path of students while they are solving questions? Remote eye tracking can show educators what their students are focusing on and gather real-time feedback that will shape how students engage with education through mobile mediums.


The TrueGaze Remote Eye Tracker Kit provides gaze data that can be used for checking of dyslexia, ADHD and also for cognitive rehabilitation treatment. By gathering eye movement data from patients, customers or research subjects, users can visualize complex patterns of engagement.


The Remote Eye Tracking Technology provides healthcare professionals data visualization tools such as heatmaps, fixation-saccade maps and gaze movement velocity maps that will bring actionable and intuitive information to users.


Eye tracking can be used to survey the behavior, check for drowsiness and test the alertness of drivers, making it possible to collect data around the cause of car accidents.

Our technology can also be used to assist drivers in autonomous vehicles, making contributions to data collection across autonomous driving modes.


TrueGaze can be used to analyse and assist in the interpretation of research across marketing and user interface development. Mobile devices can quickly become an indispensable research tool when paired with our eye tracking solution. It’s as simple as connecting the kit via a USB port, and you’re ready to go.

Main Features of our Remote Eye-tracking Kit


0.5 Degree

@40cm distance

Broader Applications

Can be connected with PC, kiosk, and smartphone

Low CPU Usage



Minimized Size

6.5 * 2 * 1.5cm

Tested on Galaxy S5E

TrueGaze Remote SDK Sales

Now we developed prototype product and plan to release full version soon

If you have additional inquiries about the product, please contact us