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Control Your App

with Smartphone Eye Tracking

Smartphone Eye Tracking Technology

AI-Based Algorithm

We have been developing AI technology to analyze users' eye-gaze, which is the most important sense in terms of human recolonization of the environment.

We developed an algorithm that makes it possible to track users' gaze from smartphone and optimized it as SDK so that it can be integrated in mobile apps. 



Look and Action

Various user interfaces such as 'clicking by gaze'' and 'scrolling by gaze" are available for gaming, advertisement, education, healthcare, retail markets.

Gaze Analysis

Our solution provides heatmap, fixation

saccade, area of interest, and scan path data.

Based on our web analysis solution, data can be gathered and provided in real time.

This solution is applicable especially to industries such as education, research, and healthcare markets. 

The solution provides the level of concentration of smartphone or smartpad users who use educational contents through the devices. Educators can get the gaze data of the students in real time to use as feedback.

Liveness Detection

Our solution is an additional security measure in terms of user compliance and fraud in facial identification. By combining both face identification and eye tracking, it can determine whether the image before the camera is a real person or a manipulated image. This solution is essential, especially in industries such as finance and security. 


APP Service

TrueGaze SDK

APP with

Eye Tracking

How to Integrate?

You can simply integrate our TrueGaze Mobile SDK to your app or smartphone device. 

Your application or device will provide differentiated service with eye-tracking function.







TrueGaze SDK


Smartphone with

Eye Tracking

Smartphone Eye Tracking Main Features

Low Latency

35.8ms for single frame.  

Its technology keeps advancing with VisualCamp.

Broader Applications

The technology that used for Smartphones can be applicable to Smartpads and other devices.

Low CPU Usage

11% or less (70/600, 6 cores)


User gaze and intention analysis

Test a free demo app on your iPhone

No calibration

No extra hardware

PPL demo app

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