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Create Eye Tracking

Mobile Apps

 Easy Integration

Only 40 lines of code for iOS (Swift)

More than 30 rows of data per second (30 FPS)

Tested on iPhone 8


Scrolling with the eyes
Profile players with gaze
Gaze analysis
Liveness detection


Video monitoring
If you would like to check whether users are gazing at mobile videos or not, use TrueGaze mobile SDK. With the smartphone SDK, VisualCamp enables precise eye tracking for iPhone, allowing you to check how many people have actually watched videos and send alerts to users to drive focus on content. TrueGaze mobile eye tracking can even stop video playback automatically in the case that users fall asleep.
Gaze Interactive Contents
TrueGaze mobile SDK provide gaze x, y coordinates of users, it is also possible to grasp the position of the gaze that is focused on the advertisement. Businesses utilising TrueGaze are able to make advertisements more interactive, supporting efforts to drive engagement with your brand. 
Visual Concentration

Gather data and visualize user focus and concentration on your content as users interact with it via mobile devices and smartphones via TrueGaze SDK. 


Use Heatmap or gaze replay to effectively uncover and provide eye tracking data to your users.

Games by eye movements

Use TrueGaze SDK to develop games that incorporate cutting edge eye tracking and interaction.

Developers have already taken our smartphone eye tracking technology into this game you see here, using viewers gaze to pop balloons.

Smartphone SDK Specifications

iPhone Xs - iPhone 6s

Supported iOS Devices




Size of SDK

17.5 % (105/600, 6 cores)

Average CPU Usage


Average Memory Usage

Xcode 11.2.1 , Swift 5.1.2 , iOS 11.0 + 

Development Prerequisites

Tested on iPhone 8


Smartphone Eye Tracking SDK

VisualCamp creates innovative products that drive technological innovation. Our smartphone eye tracking SDK is fully compatible with a wide range of Apple smartphones and mobile devices, offering broad utility for any business looking to create a more immersive mobile experience. 

Now you are ready to use eye-tracking SDK!

Download TrueGaze Mobile SDK and Document.

Download  SDK 

Download TrueGaze Mobile SDK and Document. 

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