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Create Eye Tracking

Mobile Apps

 Easy Integration

Only 40 lines of code for iOS (Swift)

More than 30 rows of data per second (30 FPS)

Tested on iPhone 8


Scrolling with the eyes
Profile players with gaze
Gaze analysis
Liveness detection


Video monitoring
If you would like to check whether users are gazing mobile videos or not, use TrueGaze SDK. With the SDK, you can check how many users have actually watched videos and also you can send push alarm to users to focus on the videos.
If you are asleep while watching the video, TrueGaze eye-tracking can automatically stop the video.
Gaze Interactive contents
Imagine that a certain smartphone advertisement reacts to users' gaze.
It is very easy to attract users' attention naturally.
Since TrueGaze SDK provide gaze x, y coordinates of users, It is also possible to grasp the position of the gaze that is focused on the advertisement.
This can make advertisment more interactive which means that you can 
Visual Concentration
If you would like to see visualized level of users' concentration for a certain picture or video on smartphone, use TrueGaze SDK.
Visualizations such as Heatmap or gaze replay are one of the effective way to provide gaze data to users 
Games by eye movements
You can develop a game that balloon popping with users' gaze.
Or other various interactive games that use users' gaze, try to develope those new games with TrueGaze SDK.

Smartphone SDK Specifications

iPhone Xs - iPhone 6s

Supported iOS Devices




Average Latency for a Single Frame

11% (50/600, 6 cores)

Average CPU Usage


Average Memory Usage

Xcode 9.3+, Swift 4+, iOS 11+ 

Development Prerequisites


Smartphone Eye Tracking SDK 

Now you are ready to use eye-tracking SDK!

Download TrueGaze Mobile SDK and Document. 

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