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Virtual Reality

Broaden Your Vision

VR Eye Tracking Technology

We have been developing this technology for 5 years,

focusing on the optimization for mobile, and we now have full confidence in our technology.


VisualCamp's VR eye tracking technology is state-of-art technology that is combined with image processing and hardware.


We have top-tier pupil detection algorithms and mathematical eyeball modeling methods.


Look and Action

Various user interfaces such as 'clicking by gaze'' and 'scrolling by gaze" are available for gaming, advertisement, education, healthcare, and retail markets.

Gaze Analysis

Our VR eye tracking technology provides heat map, fixation, saccade, areas of interest, scan path data, and more.

Based on our web analysis solution, eye tracking data can be gathered and provided in real time.

This solution is especially applicable to industries such as education, research, and healthcare markets. 

Foveated Rendering

Foveated rendering is a graphics technology that reduces CPU workload by changing peripheral images to a lower image resolution. From this solution, users can experience less dizziness while they use VR HMD.

Intention Analysis

Previous efforts to discover customers' interests were conducted by analyzing clicks. VisualCamp now provides gaze data and analysis services that can be used as an alternative. The solution has already been proven as over 75% recognition analysis of user buying intention is possible in VR shopping.

Eye Tracking for VR Use Cases

VR Game

VisualCamp developed a VR game that applies by eye tracking technology for one of our partners. 


It is a shooting game and 'gaze and object targeting' is made possible through VR eye tracking of the users gaze.

Training & Education

A University lab used our technology for its VR training content to promote and improve its effectiveness when it comes to VR training.


The purpose of the training is to provide virtual reality safety education for workers at construction sites assuming certain situations.


The lab used gaze-tracking to check whether users properly recognized when a dangerous situation occurred in VR and to assign a grade based on the level of recognition.  


Electronics and Telecommunication Research Institute (ETRI) purchased our SDK for detecting the level of user's dizziness when they use VR HMD. 

Furthermore, ETRI developed foveated rendering technology based on our eye tracking technology.

VR Main Features

Low Latency

2~3ms/frame on mobile VR HMD.

Its fast and light algorithm gives  users smoother interaction with the virtual world


Unity and Unreal

High Accuracy

0.5 - 1.0 degree

The accuracy is verified by Samsung.

Samsung choose VisualCamp as a partner for VR gaze-tracking

Low BOM Cost

Only a single camera is needed for tracking

Low CPU Utilization

3% (no GPU usage) on mobile VR HMD.

Low CPU usage results in low power consumption which is 50% less than our competitors. This shows that the technology of VisualCamp is optimized for battery powered standalone VR HMDs

Slip Compensation

Even if there are slight changes to eyeball position while users use the VR HMD, our gaze tracking technology tracks and adapts it.