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Seoul, Korea HQ

#319, Bldg. 3 , Pangyo-ro 289-20, Bundang-gu, Seongnam, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea

Silicon Valley, US

3003 N 1st St, Suite# 221

San Jose, CA 95134, USA

Beijing, China


Virtual Reality Needs
Eye Tracking

Our VR Eye Tracking SDK - Available on Most Major Platforms

Virtual Reality Needs Eye Tracking

Get the tools you need to bring your vision to life. VisualCamp delivers cutting-edge solutions for software developers creating applications for the latest hardware. Our virtual reality source development kit works across most major platforms, empowering developers to integrate eye gaze software within a range of fields including market research, education, game development and more.



Vive Pro

Vive Focus




Other HMDs


Deepoon M2 Pro

And much more



Eyeball movement
Reading text
Foveated rendering
Gaming UI

VR SDK Specifications

Unity / Unreal

Engine Plug-in

0.5~1.0 Degree


1.0~1.5 Degree

Accuracy with Slip



Monocular (right eye)


Tracking Technique

30FPS @ Deepoon


Camera Spec

USB 3.1 gen1 (USB 3.0)

USB 2.0 (@ Deepoon)

Output Format

9 LEDs


3% (@ Deepoon, 30FPS)

CPU Usage

Eye tracking software taking user experience to the next level.

VisualCamp’s VR SDK introduces real depth and versatility to your project. Designed with cutting edge hardware and incorporating the best-in-class VR eye tracking technology, our solutions assist in the creation of market-leading user experiences, helping you impress and support clients of all types. 


Examples of immersive game experiences with foveated rendering, seamlessly functional UI design and more have all been developed through the use of our virtual reality SDK and advanced eye tracking software. 


Our virtual reality SDK – building the future of AR/VR

Integrating top-tier pupil detection algorithms and mathematical eyeball modeling methods, our SDK delivers the precision, functionality and interoperability your project needs to achieve desired results. Highly customizable to the individual needs of your venture, we invite you to discover what our SDK can do for you. 


If you’re at the stage where you are looking for the tools you need to realise your vision, consider investing in a cutting-edge VR eye tracking SDK from a respected industry leader. A proud partner to some of the most dynamic organisations around the world – including Samsung and Sony – VisualCamp drives success and innovation on a global scale, supporting cutting-edge development through three field offices in South Korea, China and Silicon Valley. 


Get ready to make the leap to a more intelligent way to collect and analyse vital gaze data and get in contact with VisualCamp via the contact form below.


Talk to our team today to start a conversation about how you can bring the strengths of the VisualCamp VR SDK to your project.

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